Short Bio

I live in Centreville, VA, a suburb of Washington, D.C., with my wife Ashley. We don’t have any kids (yet), but we do have two black cats named Frisco and Severus; they’re brothers.

I’m from Las Vegas, and Ashley is from Southern California. We got married in 2008 while we were attending UNLV, where I studied business administration and economics.

A year later we moved so I could work on a Ph.D. in economics at George Mason University. While attending school, I began working as a civilian contractor for the US Army National Guard, doing statistical analysis. After I earned my Masters degree at the end of 2010, and already on my way toward a career (and not really interested in being a college professor), I decided to not pursue the Doctorate. I now work as a business analyst in the IT department for Navy Federal Credit Union.

Other Details

I am a Mormon. I lived in Japan in 2004-06 as a missionary. I am still able to speak, read, and write Japanese, though it’s not nearly as good as it was a few years ago.

I’m a technology geek. In an alternate universe, I probably studied computer science and work as a programmer. I almost went down that path, but during my late high school years, I became interested in politics, so I ended up studying economics in college. Still, I have worked for a couple different companies doing computer systems support and web site programming, and I keep thinking I’d like to pick up programming as a hobby again, like it was during my youth.

I love video games, and I particularly love video game music. I enjoy a wide variety of music genres, but I frequently listen to and attend video game music concerts.

I appreciate political satire and political incorrectness. I enjoy playing the devil’s advocate in political and social discussions. I tend to have two Selfs — the idealist and the pragmatist. The idealist is an anarchist, while the pragmatist is a libertarian-leaning moderate. I’m a cynic about people with power, but optimistic about humanity in general.

Lastly, and because I do like to play the devil’s advocate, an opinion expressed may not necessarily be my real opinion. I like to keep people guessing and I like to get people to think.